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"Mixing" Divination

Mayan cards

Mayan Cross and Tun charts

Catch a glimpse of your destiny, how aligned are you with your Higher self and your true calling.  Bring balance to your masculine and feminine energies and understand the influences of your ancestors.


In person or via Skype!


$60-$100 suggested love offering

Did you know that there is an alternative to Western Planetary Astrology that is simple, concise and easy to understand. Did you know there was a calendar system that describes the actual cycles of growth we humans experience?  This means so much more than that we just went around the sun one more time.


This system is the Mayan Tzolkin calendar.  The tzolkin is a 260 cycle that has been in use for thousands of years.  It even predated the Maya who retained the system from older civilizations.  Now you can harness the wisdom inherent in the many cycles with the help of an experienced Daykeeper.


To help you see your place and purpose in Cosmic Time I can create two revealing charts.  The first chart known as the “Mayan Cross” shows your birthday on the 260 day Tzolkin and other days that harmonize with your day-sign.  This chart gives you insight into your past, present and future energies, as well as your masculine and feminine influences.  The second chart shows your “Spiritual Birthday” that happens every 360 days or Tun.  This chart shows the qualities of the tun cycles you have experienced and of the tuns coming in the future.


This is authentic wisdom and knowledge applied to your personal life and relationships.  As an experienced Daykeeper I can share with you my personal experiences of each day as well as astronomical and historical events of great significance that may have happened on your Tzolkin days.


After your reading, the Tzolkin will have much more significance for you as you see the metaphors and themes present in every day, with special days happening for you increasingly more often.  Every day opens up a special Earth Magic that has been present all along, but now you will have the eyes to see!

Mayan Fire Ceremony


The Sacred Fire ceremony of the Maya is one of the most beautiful experiences I have had the honor of participating in and now have the unique privilege to conduct for my community.  The ceremony is one of the oldest rituals in Mayan culture.  Shrines where burnt offerings are made abound everywhere in the Maya lands.  It begins by preparing the fire with candles and incense, usually copal, also flower petals, tobacco and sweets.   Petition prayers are made to the Ancestors and spirit guides as well as an exposition of Mayan mythology from the oral tradition.  Then we honor the 20 Day-Lords and we each can make our personal prayers and intentions for the different aspects of life that the day-lords represent.  Hearts open up and the energy is added to the fire.  Our relationships with ourselves, our families and loved ones, with our community and our Planet are examined and realigned.  We feel a greater sense of hope and purpose.  The ceremony closes with music and dancing and embraces for all.

Hearing from the Ancestors


Mixing Divination is a very ancient way to communicate with the Mayan ancestors about your life.  Using a random handful of red seeds, the diviner asks the ancestors about the person asking the questions.  Answers are received through "lightning-in-the-blood" movements in the diviner's body and what he hears from the ancestors as he counts the seeds in groups of four.  The number of seeds in the last group determines the strength of the response.


Using an incredible deck of cards created with pictures from the Dresden Codex, I can help you find quick answers to questions about your current situation.


The cards are laid out in a spiral from the center around the four directions.  Beginning and endings as well as wisdom from the ancestors and mundane characterization of the events help guide your mind and heart to a peaceful resolution.