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  • Solving the Great Mystery

    Soon after 9/11/01 I discovered the book Solving the Greatest Mystery of out Time: the Mayan Calendar by Dr. Carl Johann Calleman.  This book confirmed many of the ideas I had formed about the meaning of the Sacred Mayan calendar.  In all the dozens of books I had read before on the Maya, none had attempted to answer the fundamental question of just what the meaning was behind the various cycles that the Mayan calendar kept track of.  Plenty of archeologists offered descriptions of mechanics of the calendar but there was little or no discussion of the calendar’s implications.  I  hosted Dr. Calleman to give lectures in Texas in 2004, 2005 and again in 2010

    All of these adventures I compiled into my first book, Cosmicjaguar’s Soul Kin Journal: a Practical guide to Navigating the End Times Using the Mayan Calendar.  Published in 2006 just months before I went on my first Sacred Journey with Don Alejandro!


  • Guatemala Sacred Journeys with Don Alejandro Oxlaj 2007 - 2009

    My first trip to Guatemala was with my parents in 2005. We visited Quirigua, Tikal, Ceibal and Cancuen.  It was Dr. Calleman who suggested to me that I go on the Sacred Journey with ‘Tata’, Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj, the 13th generation Mayan Grand Elder.  This was in January 2007.  There was a group of about 18 travelers with Tata, his wife Elizabeth and fellow shaman Rufino.  It was on this journey at Tikal where I experienced my first Mayan Fire ceremony, also the “Mixing” divination where the shaman counts a random handful of red seeds.  We also experienced a baptism at a natural water bowl in a cave and the Sacred Drink of the Maya made from seven herbs.

    I attended the premier of ‘The Shift of the Ages’ in California later that year with my significant other..  We went on another Sacred Journey in 2009 when Tata performed a wedding ceremony for us under the San Pedro Volcano at Lake Atitlan.


  • Embracing my role as a Daykeeper

    I was asked by a friend in Littleton, CO to perform my first Fire Ceremony for Winter Solstice in 2009.  I have also held the ceremony for many special events since then, most recently a large ceremony in Blanco, TX on June 5, 2012 for the Venus Transit, something the Maya would certainly have been watching closely.   I also have been teaching individuals about their personal Mayan astrology, or “Daykeeping”.  I had a regular community class at Ruta Maya coffee shop in Austin in 2005-06.  Ever since I first read Dr. Calleman’s work I have been teaching workshops all across Texas.

    On October 28, 2011, the day Dr. Calleman had calculated as the end of the Long-count, I helped host a visit of the Waitaha Grandmothers - the elders of the matriarchal Maori tribe of New Zealand.  They performed a wonderful ceremony at San Marcos’ Springs, a location archeologists believe has been continually inhabited for at least 13,000 years!

    Now we are in the much hyped year of 2012.  It is more important than ever to embrace the Mayan Calendar and understand the truth about their prophecies.  I have learned much from my mentors, Dr. Calleman and Don Alejandro and from studying the sacred Mayan texts, the Chilam Balam - Jaguar Prophet and Popol Vuh, but also my own experiences watching our collective destiny play out from the unique perspective of a Daykeeper.

  • Experience Mexico travels, Mayan Journal keeping

    I first got to visit Mexico City when I was six years old.  My father got a job in Caracas, Venezuela and we stopped in Mexico City on the way.  That was when I first saw the great Aztec Calendar stone.  In 1994 my interest in Maya culture blossomed when the EZLN, or Zapatista, and army of indigenous Maya took over several towns in Southern Mexico.  I read all their communiques and began prodigiously reading every book I could find on Mayan culture, spirituality, anthropology and archeology.   I made my first spiritual journey into Northern Mexico to Cuatrocienegas and Real de Catorce, the Holy land of the Huichol and other indigenous groups.  For the next few years I would return again and again to learn from the sacred plant medicine known as Hikuri and to collect beautful crystals that I would sell in the US to fund my next journey.

    1997 was a pivotal year when the smoke from large fires in Guatemala and Chiapas blanketed the entire state of Texas for about two weeks.  I took that as a smoke signal that it was time for me to journey further south into Mexico to see what was happening for myself.  My father just happened to get a new job in Ciudad Carmen, Campeche, MX so off I went to visit as many pyramid sites as possible around the Yucatan.  I visited Edzna, where the movie Apocalypto was later filmed, Palenque with the famous tomb of Pacal and it’s aqueducts, Uxmal, Yaxchilan, Bonampak with it’s famous murals, smaller sites like Xpujil, Becan, Kohunlich, Labna, Sayil Monte Alban in Oaxaca, said to pre-date the Maya, and many others.  On later journeys in 2004 I would visit Chichen Itza, Tulum, Coba and the intriguing site of Ek Balam.


2012 Interview

Astrologer Eric Francis of interviews Carlos Cedillo about 2012 prophecies